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Perimenopause, Menopause and Estrogen Dominance: Basic Things Every Woman Should Know Apr 10, 2021

By Jennifer Engels, MD

During the course of their lives, women must navigate varying hormonal imbalances and changes. Hormones are used throughout the body to control various functions, and from puberty to pregnancy and through perimenopause and menopause, these fluctuations never stop. In this...

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A Guide to Intermittent Fasting Mar 19, 2021

By Jennifer Engels, MD

For a host of reasons – spiritual, emotional and physical – humans have engaged in fasting for thousands of years, and in recent years the practice has been given new life through what is called intermittent fasting (IF). People are using IF to lose weight,...

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Food Allergy, Food Sensitivity and Food Intolerance: Essential Differences You Should Know Feb 06, 2021

By Jennifer Engels, MD

It’s likely you or someone in your family has experienced unpleasant symptoms after a meal or snack. We often blame reactions like bloating, nausea and diarrhea on our food, particularly spoiled, under-cooked or contaminated food. But symptoms like wheezing, joint...

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A new focus, a new path forward

“I was absolutely fascinated,” Engels says, “by this new style of medicine that saw the patient as a whole biological system rather focusing on only one organ system at a time, such as Cardiology. This was a complete paradigm shift from conventional medicine and how I was trained.”