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Hormone Optimization

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Optimizing your hormones’ may help with sleep, energy, mood, brain fog and more.

Patients report improvement in many of these symptoms:

  • Mental fatigue and reduced focus
  • Lack of energy and motivation
  • Increased fat around mid-section
  • Muscle loss or inability to gain muscle
  • Depression, anxiety & mood swings
  • Irritated, snappy & on edge
  • Muscle and/or joint pain
  • Reduced sexual desire & performance
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Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy – An Integrative Approach to Hormone Optimization

Health practitioners have been performing bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) with natural, plant-based pellet implants since the 1930s. Recently, there has been a resurgence in the number of practitioners offering pellet therapy, after studies revealed that natural hormones may be a safer, more effective alternative to synthetic hormone modalities that have been popular for decades.

One of the first practitioners to rediscover the benefits of BHRT with pellets was EvexiPEL® founder Terri DeNeui, MSN, APRN-BC. DeNeui launched EVEXIAS® Medical Centers in 2009 and has been helping patients heal ever since, by taking an integrative and functional approach to health and wellness.

Balancing hormones is only one part of the solution. We dig deeper to get to the root of the patient’s health issues before prescribing a pathway toward optimal health.”
– Terri DeNeui, MSN, APRN-BC

The EvexiPEL® difference

Thousands of practitioners around the world offer BHRT with pellets today – but most don’t take the integrated approach you’ll find with EvexiPEL® practitioners.

Consequently, while pellet therapy works beautifully in 60-70 percent of patients, an average of 30 percent of patients don’t feel better, even if their blood work looks good on paper. The EvexiPEL® approach is more effective for three reasons.

  • Commitment to digging deep. EvexiPEL® practitioners are trained to keep digging for the root cause of the patient’s health issues.
  • Integrated approach to treatment. Once the root cause is revealed, the practitioner creates a customized treatment plan for the patient. That plan may include pellet therapy, resolving leaky gut issues, detoxification (physical, environmental and emotional toxicity), nutrient supplementation and more.
  • EvexiPEL’s® superior pellet therapy method. Over time, DeNeui and her team of BHRT experts have fine-tuned their integrated approach to pellet therapy at EVEXIAS Medical Centers, becoming one of the largest hormone pellet therapy providers in the country.

This superior method has been shown to decrease inflammation at the insertion site, subsequently increasing healing and recovery times, as well as decreasing post insertion pain and pellet extrusion rates. Further, meticulous detail to the process has resulted in a superior method with better absorption rates and longer lasting results.

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Frequently Asked Questions About BHRT with Pellets

If you have questions about bio-identical hormone replacement therapy with pellets, we’ve got answers. Check out our FAQs below, and feel free to contact us with additional questions.

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